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A bedroom is a very personal space, which should be decorated to please
only you.

Your bedroom should be your haven.

Whether your style is soft and romantic, classic or eclectic accented with
rich  luxurious accessories, country or urban, or boldly colorful with vibrant throws and patterned pillows or even elegantly understated with pure white linens layered with cream-colored accents, or
wild  and exotic surrounded with lush green tropical palms,

Your secret hideaway ... your escape from the everyday ...
should be a place for restoring health in body, mind, and spirit.

Maries Manor Theme Bedrooms
Welcomes you to

Home and Bedroom Decorating Ideas
for Adults and Kids of all ages
Bedroom Styles
Whether it's your own private retreat; the master suite; teen hideout, a comfy living area, baby nursery, or guest room - make it unique - express your individual taste and decorate the bedroom to match your personal style.

The space should be a clear and vivid reflection of you - incorporating your treasures, your passions, and the many aspects of your personality.

With some imagination and decorating sense, you can entice the senses and  create a cozy, welcoming space within the home.

Decorating is not simply a matter of
color, you will need to consider the type of floor coverings, window treatments and furniture
is a major issue in a bedroom also.

If you are feeling creative, and prefer to tackle DIY tasks, purchase second hand furniture, strip, undercoat and add your own paint finish effects, also replace door and drawer handles with new ones to get a unique look.

And for the grand finale that will turn an ordinary bedroom into a haven, fresh flowers displayed in a vase or jug will add sweet ambience, photographs and small collections to remind you of special times, and off course your favourite
music  and soothing scents  to complete the bedroom make over.

Create a room to reflect your personal Style
bedroom ideas decorating
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visit Maries Manor theme bedroom decorating and decor
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Bedroom Styles -

Romantic  - 
frilly and feminine or rich and masculine are both decorative approaches that work in a Traditionally decorated home. The key to opulent style is the use of rich textures and colors, heavily dressed windows and beds with an abundance of detailing like fringing, lace and braiding. It should endeavor to provide an air of grandeur and elegance. Antique pieces of furniture with ornate headboards. Other traditional styles include elaborate Empire headboards, coronas, damasks, silks, brocades, and swags and tassels for the windows. European style or antique linen and lace to create a softer prettier bedroom.

Victorian style  -
reveled in ornateness. with rich dark colors, busy patterns, layered window treatments, corncies and knick-knacks. Mahogany was a popular furniture as were wicker and rattan. Make a feature wall with a collection of mismatched decorative mirrors in a mixture of finishes and frames to create a feeling of faded elegance.

Shabby Chic -
add a touch of old-fashioned romance to the Shabby Chic style  bedroom - invent new uses for old furniture, keep it simple with an eclectic mix of furnishings. White furniture is great for a clean, contemporary look, and if the surface is distressed it adds a lived-in feel.  For casual chic, wicker baskets give the feel of easy living and are handy for storage. Add glamour with sparkly beading and reflective glassware. Go girly with a glass dish full of diamante jewellery and silk flowers, and accent with beaded lampshades and display pretty perfume bottles by a bed piled with vintage quilts of faded florals.

Cottage Style  -
evokes a feeling of traditional values, reminiscent of a time past when even the simplest soft furnishings were handmade with great detail and pride, creating more of a family heirloom. These days such items are readily available in shops. Mellow tones of antique pine with patchwork quilts and homespon accessories are country cottage style.  Terms like faded, evolved, distressed and eclectic combine to creat this unique  style.  Pretty wallcoverings and soft furnishings are the essence of this style of scheme, with fresh or faded florals and plaids and checks often making an appearance.

Country and cottage style
is also about using plenty of natural materials, such as wood, old chests and floorboards, wrought iron.

bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
Create a sleek modern vibe fused with the bling and glam style to fulfill the fantasy of your bedroom. Bedroom set comes with a fancy yet stylish design. Bling and glam is the key elements of this bed.
Your restful retreat plays two very important roles in your home: whisking you off toward dreamland each night and providing an eye-catching focal point in your master suite.
bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
Panel Headboard bedroom furniture   bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
Upholstered Headboard bedroom furniture
Headboard and Footboard bedroom furniture

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Helps teach you how to Identify styles and motifs that you enjoy, and is a companion on your journey to figure out what YOU enjoy - an exercise in critical thinking. Yes, the photos are mostly neutral, and you may think that the photos do not have enough color. However, you should not take this as a disappointment for the book. In fact, a congratulations is in order- you succeeded in what the goal of the book was to teach you to indentify what YOU like and dislike. This is not a pick and choose catalogue,  it is a textbook.

Small Space Style: Because You Don't Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully
ideas and practices for making any tiny space efficient and stylish - whether a rustic A-frame in the woods or a chic microapartment in the city.

Where Women Create : Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women
It goes straight to the experts: successful women who have made their mark in more than 10 different creative fields. These top designers and artisans offer insights gleaned from years of experience, reveal how they constructed their own creative spaces, and explain how the reader can make practical use of these decorating, organizational, and inspirational techniques as they go about designing their own work areas. Step into the working world of Wendy Addison, whose light-filled studio is like an upscale boutique full of vintage treasures; or enter Susan Alexander's creative, delightfully messy environment of antique cabinets and tabletops covered with fabrics, fibers, works-in-progress, and other treats. Kitty Bartholomew's studio is a warm, home-like environment; while Cheri Ellis works in a space with so much color, it fairly vibrates with energy.

Creative Window Treatments
Getting sick of those pastel bed sheets stuck up with push pins since you moved into your new apartment, but stumped for a plan? No more! Variety of idea books  for every kind of creative window treatment you could imagine (and many, obviously, that you couldn't, or you wouldn't still have those sheets stuck up there!). Window shades, blinds, drapes, valances, it's all in here.

Captain's Bed with Drawers kids bedroom  furniture
Bunk Bed boys bedroom furniture   bedroom decorating ideas - bedroom furniture
Twin Panel Bed girls bedroom furniture - delicate swirls in a symmetrical shape. The children's bed posts are capped with simple ball finials in a traditional style.
modern Victorian style bed is made of a sturdy gold-coated metal frame and a headboard and footboard covered in white linen. The arched metal tubes and fine ball castings reflect a period of timeless elegance that will make this bed the centerpiece of the room.
Bedroom Styles -

Country style French
furniture also adds oodles of character. A country styled room need not appear dusty and drab or overly frilly. Instead, modern colors and paint techniques can be can be applied to achieve a rustic setting.  Whitewashed walls and wooden floorboards are the basic backdrop for the soft furnishings and furniture. The bed in traditional wrought iron with modern scroll design. In place of lace and patchwork, a contemporary quilt  in a crisp traditional yellow and blue, sheer fabric hung over the bed, will give the room a calming feel. And the yellow contrast adds a warmth. Curtains need not match the bedclothes exactly, but if you choose a different print make sure it works with those on the bed.

Country Style  -
if you like a co-ordinated look that packs  a punch, invest in a complete bedroom set of matching furniture. Traditional style pine pieces create a cosy country feel. To add to the manor house feel, painted wood panelled walls, lacy bed sheets accented with suede cushions and headboard, and old fashioned decor accessories. Wood flooring will add warmth to any room, and teams beautifully with hot colors such as reds and oranges.

Eclectic  -
designing and decorating the home by mixing new with old furnishing styles, whether traditional or contemporary, combined with modern furnishing accented with family heirlooms, collection of art and antiques.

Early American  -
is a simple style, with quilts, rag rugs, plain curtains, wooden toys and simple stencil decorations on the walls, floors and furniture. Low post beds and trundles were typical of the period. And the colors most often used by the colonists were off white and earty shades of brown, green and blue.


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