bedroom decorating and decor
bedroom decorating and decor
theme your rooms - decorating ideas theme bedrooms
decorating theme bedrooms
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theme your rooms - decorating ideas theme bedrooms
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1001 Scrolls, Ornaments and Borders: Ready-to-Use Illustrations for Decoupage and Other Crafts
Over 1000 usable designs include Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, etc. Illustrations of corners, scrolls, cornucopia, chinoiserie, festoons, ribbons, much more. Designs are repeated with flopped copies so entire project can be completed. 60 plates. motifs are black and white.

1001 Do-It-Yourself Hints Tips Tricks, How-Tos, Great Ideas for All Around Your House
Now you can work like a pro-and accomplish all your maintenance, repair, and decorating projects more easily, at less cost, and with better results. Takes you through every task you'll ever face as a homeowner, presenting handy hints and savvy shortcuts. Arranged in different categories, such as Lawn & Garden, Plumbing, Electrical Appliances, with subcategories like pruning, toilets, and washer/dryer. About half of each page is covered with colorful handrawn pictures that apply to the tips listed. Recommend this book to anyone who owns a home.

Moving or redecorating? Use these handy furniture layout kits to design your rooms before you purchase or reposition a single piece of furniture
Moving or redecorating? Use this handy furniture layout kit to design your rooms before you purchase or reposition a single item. Includes 215 furniture shapes, graph paper and complete instructions.
There are multiple of symbols for every room and item in your house - appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, windows, doors and other architectural elements and of course furniture. You'll even be able to mark switches, outlets and phone jacks on your floor plan.
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bedroom decorating and decor
theme your rooms - decorating ideas theme bedrooms
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theme bedroom decorating
bedroom decorating and decor
Maries Manor Theme Bedrooms
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Simple Painted Furniture
Addresses most paint and design techniques needed. Gives good ideas to create painted furniture with a personal touch. Excellent photography.

Painting and Decorating Furniture
overview of the materials, equipment, and basic techniques needed for preparing furniture to be decorated and continues with the projects that primarily involve various paint techniques, but she also shows how to refurbish cushioned seats, mosaic a tabletop, and fabric-cover furniture. With the variety of projects this book will be popular addition to collections whose patrons are looking for how-to books. Shows you how to create your own block stamps on a roller to create consistent patterns.

The Best of Painted Furniture
While the art of painted furniture can be traced back to the Egyptians, the French were first in the West to develop a method for glazing and coloring furniture, objects, and paneling. In parallel movements across Europe, craftsmen adapted ideas and techniques. Various chapters discuss these embellishments and treatments from high art elegance to folk art simplicity, and there is a short chapter on the care of painted furniture. It is an inspirational idea book, and is invaluable when trying to capture the feel of a certain era. Famous decorative paint artists from each coutry are discussed and featured, and the evolution of certain styles of painting, for instance chinoiserie, are examined. Ideas from the past four centuries unfold in a unique and creative way. The author shows how the painted furniture styles of past centuries blend into modern settings, also examines painted metal, papier-mache furniture, as well as the care of painted furniture. Creative inspiration, practical advice and decorative painting history.

Instant Impact: Low-Cost, Fast Projects with Attitude (Trading Spaces)
Hit television show inspires more than a dozen ideas to decorate any surface in any room. Power decorating techniques for anyone with limited time or money. Chapters are organized by decorating topic so readers can choose a technique. Room tours and advice for many decorating styles and room types.Easy-to-finish projects require a few simple steps and readily available materials. Ideas for adding architectural details to a room, embellishing furnishings, creating decorative accessories, and beyond.

The New Decorating with Architectural Trimwork
Decorating with Architectural Trimwork focuses on the aesthetic uses of architectural trimwork. There are plenty of books that tell the reader how to install trim around windows and doors, but few that also explain how architectural trim can enhance a room's aesthetic appeal. Shows  ideas on how to choose and use a wide variety of moldings, trim, and design concepts to transform the all-too-common sterile, open floor plan into a warm, inviting, richly textured home. Provides ideas for how to decorate homes with trim and wall panels so that walls, passageways, and stairways can radiate the warmth, character, and beauty of the well-trimmed homes of eras gone by. The "Elements of Design" chapters on crown molding, Wainscoting, Pillars and Pilasters. Shows how to use decorative trim and molding in all rooms of a house to transform windows, doors, and more. Hundreds of color photos pack a design guide covering almost every room in the house.

Designing Furniture (New Best of Fine Woodworking)
Designing Furniture covers every step in the design process from inspiration to construction strategy, including learning from established styles, creating plans for unique furniture, and choosing among construction options. The practical, process-oriented approach makes the subject accessible to woodworkers with no formal design training. The five major areas covered in this book are: design inspiration, design development, "construction by design", designing furniture, and designing for style and function. In just these five areas, there is a wealth of information that will help woodworkers of any level, from understanding elements of style to designing your own sideboard. I especially liked the tips given in the article "Models Help Projects Succeed".

The Ultimate Rubber Stamping Technique Book
30 projects, good hand-colored illustrations, applied in creative ways to a variety of surfaces, including picture frames, photo albums, clothing, and holiday ornaments. Techniques range from embossing and repeat designs to the incorporation of stenciling, sponging, stitching, and decoupage.

The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual
EXCELLENT resource book! - user-friendly assistance with every do-it-yourself task. The Family Handyman has once again updated and revised this do-it-yourself classic to make it relevant to today’s homeowners and DIYers.. Looking to change a faucet? It's in there. Want to change your toilet, repair a gasket? It's in there! Not sure how to use a saw the correct, safe way? It's in there! Need to fix broken tiles? Run a cable, Repair a water heater? It's all there. Never put up drywall? You can learn with this book! There are colorful, step-by-step photos for everything you will ever need to do on your home. Great book for newlyweds, new home owners, or anyone you know who likes to do it them self!

100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know: How to Save Money, Solve Problems and Improve Your Home
You’ll make informed decisions, avoid frustrations and save thousands over the life of your home. Here’s just a small sample of what’s inside: The smartest thing you can do before going on vacation - Be ready for any natural disaster -
Make burglars bypass your house - The most effective way to cut heating and cooling costs - Clever shortcuts for home maintenance—indoors and out - Keep mice, ants and other invaders out of your house - Boost curb appeal without remodeling - What to do when the power goes out - The most common - and costlY - homeowner mistakes - Eliminate noises, odors and other household irritations - Grow the best lawn on the block - Secret weapons pros use for easy, instant repairs - Make appliances last years longer - The key to drip-free faucets - Make your mower start right up—every time - Cures for damp basements - Exterminate mold and mildew - Pick a paint color you’ll love - Get faster downloads and better TV quality - Stop peeling paint Plus, incredibly easy repairs for appliances, plumbing, flooring, walls, furniture and more!.

Family Handyman 101 Saturday Morning Projects: Organize - Decorate - Rejuvenate No Project over 4 hours!
over 130 easy-to-build projects that will enhance your home; practical fixes for all annoying problems including a running toilet, dull mower blades, and how to replace a sink sprayer and hose. Find quick and inexpensive ways to improve the looks and functionality of your home by decorating with stencils, make over your kitchen cabinets, critter-proof your home, and stop drafts around windows and doors. Plus bonus sections that highlight Healthy & Efficient Home, Painting & Finishing, and Using Tools.

Cornice Foam

variety of styles and patterns
DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Cornice Kits
DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Cornice Kits
Assemble - Decorate - Hang - That's all there is to it! No Sewing!

Decorating with Architectural Trimwork
Decorating with Architectural Trimwork Decorating with Architectural Trimwork

Woodworking Plan for Fire Truck Bed
Woodworking Plan for Fire Truck Bed fire truck theme bed plans
Woodworking Plans for Fun Theme Beds
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Tug Boat Bed - Woodworking Plans
Princess Cinderella Carriage Twin Bed Woodworking Project Plans
Twin Pink Convertible Car Bed Woodworking Plans
Train Bed - Woodworking Plans
Children's Castle Lof bunk Bed Woodworking Plans

Front End Loader Bed Woodworking Plan
digger theme bed woodworking plans
New Decoupage
Today's decoupage is not your grandmother's decoupage: delicate Victorian or floral images on dainty plates buried under innumerable coats of heavy varnish. Contemporary decoupage works are made with flea market finds, cherished letters or photos, magazine clippings, handmade papers, unique prints, or any other image that strikes the artist's fancy, then it's applied to trays, tables, lamps, walls, floors, furniture, or even ceilings. Complete instructions for more than 18 unique projects, ranging from a delicate vase resembling fine porcelain to a dining room table adorned with generations of family photos, from an entire row of kitchen cabinets featuring pictures of your favorite chefs to a stylish faux marble coffee table. Beginning with a brief history of the art, fundamental techniques of modern decoupage, showing you how to clean and prepare various surfaces, select and cut images, and choose the right adhesive for a specific project. Instructions for smaller decoupage projects, such as an elegant cachepot filled with exquisite decoupaged eggs, a serving tray adorned with favorite images, or a six-sided wooden block puzzle decorated on all sides. Ideas and inspiration for larger decoupage projects, remaking plain furniture, mundane appliances, and even whole rooms into beautiful works of art.

Leslie Linsley's Decoupage : Design * Create * Display
The Queen of Decoupage brings the popular craft of decoupage and her sense of style together to show not only how to create works of art, but how to display them. Decoupage has been known for centuries as a wonderful way to transform the ordinary - from flea market finds to attic treasures - into extraordinary room accents.
Upholstery A Beginners' Guide DIY decorating projects
Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design