If you think you have no talent for visual art .... then easy stenciling is for you!!
Create eye-catching murals using fun stencil kits to transform a boring room into a masterpiece with a landscape scene, sports figures, cartoons, animals, or anything else you can think of ...
Stencil Kit Murals - No artistic skill required.
- copyright since 2001 Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedrooms.  - All Rights Reserved -
- copyright since 2001 Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedrooms.  - All Rights Reserved -
Decorating With Stencils: Innovative Designs : Step-By-Step : Templates

Gorgeous stenciled rooms, complete directions, and templates for each pattern (about 30 in all). Historically inspired designs: heraldic, high Victorian, "Modern," Indian paisley, Moroccan tile, Scandinavian folk art, ancient Egypt, and French Empire. The first two chapters provide full coverage of tools, supplies, and basic techniques, including making the stencil, various painting methods, planning large projects, and tips on finishes and texturing. Quite a few have multiple overlays, and the all-over wall and floor patterns are best attempted by the more experienced. For those who have had their fill of the easy flowery, folksy stuff, this is a wonderful book, with vivid, sophisticated designs created by a master stencil artist. Home interior decorator could get MANY ideas.
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Decorating is about being creative and trying something new. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you and your home.

So get creative and turn your home into a work of art  ... by using  different techniques on your surfaces.

Hang Murals, life size stickups, paint
color combinations, stencil furniture, rubber stamp your bedding, accent the room or your walls with lifesize standups.
Get even more creative and add 3d effects, faux finish kit, to walls and furnishings. Hot glue faux jewels, buttons, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, iron on appliques, to the walls, furniture and bedding. Accent with glitter and sparkles, dimensional paint.

Another fun way to decorate - especially good for renters              
Party props
Room Scene Setters
jungle - ocean - theme life size wall stick ups
Wild Animal Stickers! Full color, giant wild animal wall decals for the playroom, den, kids rooms, wherever! Create whole jungle scenes or compliment your existing decor. Easy to apply and remove. High-quality artwork, huge selection. walls of the wild critter walls - peel and stick wall decor
Create your own custom stencil instantly.  
Decorative & industrial options. Alphabet and Number Stencil Sets 
Wall and Floor Stencils 
Wall Murals 
3-D Stencils 
Value Kits 
Stencils Outlet
Create your own lettering for a boat, truck, vehicle and for concrete projects. You can also create your own letters, words and sayings for decorative stencil projects.
Accent Stencils  - Alphabets - Americana - Animals - Antique Signs - Asian and Oriental - Birds - Cats - Celtic - Celestial - Children's- Country - Country Signs - Corners - Decorative Quotes - Disney - Dog Stencils - Faux Finishing Silhouettes - Fish - Floral - Flower - Foliage - French - Fruit - Garden - Garden Signs - Greeting Cards - Holidays - Inspirational - ivy - Kits - Letter Stencils  - Life Size - Nautical - NeoClassical - Patio - Scrapbooking Stencils - Scroll - Sculpture Stencils - Southwest - Spiritual and Religious - Spiritual and Religious Sayings - Stencils by the Yard - Stone - Traditional - Wall & Floor Stencils - Wall Murals
Wall Murals - Custom sized mural from your photos or choose from the many murals available in a variety of themes
Custom sized mural from your photos or choose from the many murals available in a variety of themes
Arts & Crafts Stencilling

In the Arts & Crafts tradition, decorative stencilling-on walls, pillows, draperies, or furniture-is made accessible and fresh with these classic stencil patterns from the Arts & Crafts period. Using time-tested techniques, decorative stencil painting can be applied to every room in the house. With plant and flower patterns for the kitchen, formal ornaments for the living room, animals and bugs for the family room, children and ducks for the nursery, and sea life for the bathroom, they can also be mixed and matched to suit a particular taste and decor.
Wall Art
Add some style and warmth into your home with a beautiful piece of wall art, print or poster.

Wall Clocks
Wall clocks offer you an ideal way of introducting charm and style into your home's decor.
Cuckoo Clocks

Wall Calendars

Wall Candle Holders

Wall Hooks

Wall Mirrors
A beautiful wall mirror can add character and charm to any room in your house. Add a mirror to a small room and instantly make it look bigger.

Wall Fountains
Both soothing and striking, water fountains will add a unique effect.

Wall Lights

Wall Shadow Boxes
Bring some fun to your walls with unique shadow boxes

Wall Shelves
Accent shelves are both practical and chic. Choose from glass shelves, wood shelves, and floating shelves.

Wall Standups
create an instant mural wall with standups

Wall Switch Plates

Wall Tin Signs

Wall Tapestries

Wall Vases

Wall Words

Wall Stick-Ups - Decals - Wallies Kid's Stuff Wallpaper Cutouts - Wallies Murals Decorative and for Kids - Wallies Wallpaper Border  - Wall Decorating Ideas
If you can't paint, then hang
beaded curtains
for a fun unique wall decoration
beaded curtains - decorate with fun unique wall decoration
Stenciling Techniques: Traditional and Contemporary Home Designs

Whether you're stenciling a floral motif around a doorway or turning your
bedroom into a medieval castle, this guide will help. Going beyond the country
look of stencils, includes more imaginative looks such as Renaissance ceilings
and walls decorated with cave drawings. Stenciling, we learn, comes from an
old French word meaning to sparkle, and the lively projects certainly do.
Beyond good coverage of all the necessary basics (equipment, fixing mistakes,
cutting your own stencils) and the usual candidates for rampaging stencil
artists (walls, fabrics, home decorating accessories), offers techniques (like
airbrushing and trompe l'oeil) and adapting the process to unusual surfaces
(ceramic tiles, ceilings, exterior walls). Techniques, such as trompe l'oeil,
stacking, and shading, that will interest more experienced crafters as well.

The Complete Stenciling Handbook

Unique ways to decorate your home. Stencilers who want a complete handbook to the art, from choosing between materials and tools to understanding paint differences, glazes, and equipment, will find The Complete Stenciling Handbook packed with essential details. How to create different stencil effects, raised art. Perfect for all you 'Trading Spaces' followers who want to easily and quickly add a new painted accent to your home.

Wall Sticker Shop carries - wall stickers - modern wall stickers - wall sticker decals - removable wall stickers - peel and stick wall decor.
wall words wall phrases wall decal stickers
Spell your child's name or a special message with wall Letters. Gingham, polka dot and stripe fabrics in fun colors. Jazz up a door or wall with our whimsical wooden wall letters. Personalize your child's room with our wooden hand painted capital letters. Spell names, words or phrases.
Hanging wall Letters
wall decal wall sticker wall decorations-decorating bedroom walls - Cute teen Wall stickers
Dress those drab walls
Painted Illusions: Create Stunning Trompe L'Oeil Effects With Stencils

Painted Illusions includes: Step-by-step projects using stencil techniques, easy to master that even novices can paint beautiful faux finishes and trompe l'oeil images. Photographs of completed projects and helpful hints for alternative applications.

Effects include inlaid wood, stencil of the grapevines and scrolls, embossing and faux fabric techniques, Oriental Brocade, Embossed Leather, and decorative plaster moldings, Damask - done is a beautiful tone-on-tone, Shimmering Silk. Author Melanie Royals, director and principal instructor at the San Diego School of Decorative Painting, is an experienced professional home decorator specializing in stencils & paint effects.
Crafter's Recipe Book: 200 New Ideas for Decorating Objects in Paper, Fabric, Ceramic, and Wood

Great for decorators, designers, artists in a variety of media, and crafters looking to add spice and variety to their creations, useful to anyone who loves to "make stuff". Both paper artists and fabric artists can find some new ideas  Leave sponge painting and other well-worn techniques behind. This as-a-glance directory offers step-by-step instruction and more than 200 new ideas for crafters working in paper, fabric, ceramic, and wood. Recipes for such unusual embellishments as bubble-marbling for paper, printing fabrics with fresh flowers and foliage, and etching patterns on glass and ceramic, plus variations on each recipe for added inspiration. Techniques  include carving paper, crayon batik, ice marbling, smocking paper, faux stained glass, inlaid felt designs, branding fabric, photo emulsion transfer and sand painting, knitting wire and icing with plaster, also  experiments in things like paste paper, tea dyeing and fabric stippling in additional to numerous other variations and combinations throughout the book.
wall decorating ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults Rooms
wall decorating ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults Rooms
Wish them sweet dreams as they drift off to sleep on their very own, Sleepy Time© Personalized Pillowcases.
Creative Surface Design:
Painting, Stamping, Stenciling, and Embossing Fabric & More
wall murals
wall decals
Capture all the wonderful memories and celebrations of your family and showcase them inside your very own custom designed family frame! Create your own custom photo gallery featuring your favorite faces and places. Spell out your favorite vacation spot, hobby, etc. imply select your favorite photos to be featured then attach behind white mat board for a custom frame.
The Gilded Room: Decorating With Metallic Effects, from Metal Leaf to Powders, Pastes and Paints

Decorative metallic effects are sleek enough to complement very contemporary interiors, yet luxurious enough for more traditional décor, while distressed or weathered versions work well with the ever-popular shabby chic look.
The Gilded Room, metallic finishes can add a wonderful accent to many styles of décor on many surfaces. With gold, silver, and copper leaf, metallic paints and powders, artists' oils, copper wire, wire mesh, and recycled metal plates, Skinner adorns walls, floors, desks, columns, screens, sconces, and much more.
There are over 15 projects including a faux-gold wall, aluminum wall paneling, metallic-effect patterned floor tiles, mesh lampshade with metal accents, Moroccan-style shutters, a steel-effect column. Each project includes a materials list, and step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos.
Complete Guide to Rubber Stamping: Design and Decorate Gifts and Keepsakes With Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamping is a creative, affordable way to personalize your gift giving and home decorating  projects.
If you are looking for a striking way to display your photos, look no further than the Fotofalls photo tree. Designed by Umbra, this photo tree stands approximately 5 feet tall when assembled, and up to 36 photos can be clipped to its 'branches'. This piece is a perfect piece of decor for birthday parties (just add pictures of the guest of honor through the ages!), wedding receptions (clip pictures of the happy couple to the tree), family reunions and more! And of course, this tree is perfect if you just want to display your own photos in an exciting new way. Easy to assemble, and with a beautiful shining nickel finish, you'll love the Fotofalls!
HEADBOARD WALL DECALS - peel and stick wall decor
Much faster than painting, much cheaper than a traditional memo board, and easy to cut and place - Chalkboard Contact Paper
Design your own memo boards, or get creative and cut out unique shapes & patterns, Decorate walls, furniture, fridge, locker, mirror, kitchen jars.
Chalkboard Contact Paper
Much faster than painting, much cheaper than a traditional memo board, and easy to cut and place

1: Using a black felt pen, trace your image onto a clear acetate
    sheet which you can get from  most art /office supply stores.
2: Using the projector, trace your image onto the wall with chalk
3: Use a sponge or brush to fill in large areas, and a small artists
    brush for the details. Keep a wet rag handy to wipe off any

High gloss walls may need a light sanding if paint doesn't stick.
Once you've filled in your pictures, outline them (tracing over original chalk marks with a black artists pen)
Project almost anything onto the wall - cartoons, postcards, pages from books, pressed flowers, photos, original drawings.
Place a flat object or image on the table, set the art projector over it, darken the room, focus the lens, and the image magically appears on the wall.
Perfect for enlarging artwork, maps, stamps, postcards, coins and so much more. Compact and portable, the projector weighs only two pounds.
Decorate walls, furniture, doors, desks
Diamond Plate Vinyl Sheet Roll Decal. High-gloss, durable, scratch resistant - this film creates the realistic illusion of diamond plate with the "flashiness" of chrome accents - peel and stick wall decor
Hanging Wall Mount Deer Heads-
Unique Animal Sculpture
- Chic & Trendy
Projection Art for Kids
The Complete Stenciling Handbook
Projection Stenciling by Buckingham
Walls Republic wallpaper wall murals
wall decal stickers
Super-Size Your Photo. Create a life-sized tribute to your favorite teacher, principal or guidance counselor. Send us a photo and the height of the subject, and we'll create this colossal, freestanding cardboard standee
BoldLoft fun pillowcases-Gifts for Couples, Cute Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Good Couple Gifts for Valentines, Romantic Anniversary Gifts
BoldLoft fun pillowcases
Gifts for Couples, Cute Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Romantic Anniversary Gifts
Transforming a tired space into a beautiful room wont be a lot of work anymore
decorating with murals
ceiling murals
wall murals
door murals
window stickers  door posters
floor wallpaper